How To Strengthen Your Spiritual and Intuitive Gifts

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Receiving intuition

Have you ever heard a deep, wise voice from within giving you the most aligned advice with crystal clarity... and then moments later wonder where the heck that came from? Or perhaps it came through as a vision, feeling, or knowing? That was your intuition speaking.

I used to think I wasn't intuitive. I have a lot of earth energy in my birth chart, and in a world that values the logic of the left brain and the masculine, over the intuition of the right brain and the feminine, I learned to use only my mind to make decisions. But this didn't always lead me to my highest path and purpose, and it took me a long time to realise that there was a treasure trove of wisdom that I could also access within my emotions, body, and soul.

We all have intuitive gifts. It's just that some of us have removed the blocks that prevent us from accessing them more than others. Intuition is how our soul speaks to us, and the more we nurture this connection, the more inspiration and guidance we'll receive.


What's Your Intuitive Type?

As Source energy moving through us, our intuition can be channelled in different ways. 
Some of us see, while others feel, hear, or know.

These intuitive senses are known as clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, and claircognisance.

The word clair in French (from the Latin clarustranslates to clear in English.

I believe that we all have these abilities, and you're likely to experience a combination of them, with one or two as the stronger senses.

Below, you'll find signs of each intuitive type to help you identify which of these gifts are active within you, and practices to develop and strengthen that connection.

1) Clairvoyance = Clear Inner Vision

With the gift of clairvoyance, you may envision things clearly with your mind, see colour, light, shapes, or images when meditating,
and enjoy guided visualisations. You may value beauty, be drawn to things like colour, flowers, design, or art, and you may be great at visually putting things together like puzzles or decoration. You may see auras around people or have visions of angels, goddesses, or spiritual beings. You may also be a visual learner and like to see things mapped out in front of you.

This is a common gift, but it's not my strongest sense. While I do have vivid dreams and can visualise things from memory, images are sometimes hazy, and I can find myself frustrated in meditation thinking: "why can't I just see the white light?!" Over time, I've opened my third eye to activate this sense, but I've also accepted that I receive intuitive messages most often and more easily in other ways. 

If this resonates with you, try these practices to enhance your intuition and clairvoyance: 

  • Make a vision board for your soul's purpose and what you're calling in.
  • Meditate on colours, light, or opening up your third eye.
  • Anointing your third eye with essential oils like roman chamomile, clary sage or ylang ylang.
  • Connecting with crystals to open your third eye such as amethyst, lapis lazuli or azurite.
  • Visualise your ideal day or connecting with your future self.
  • When making a decision, visualise the potential options.
  • Write things out, draw or paint them. 

🔮 An affirmation for clairvoyance: I see with love, clarity and purpose.


2) Clairsentience = Clear Inner Feeling

With the gift of clairsentience, you may be 
deeply attuned with your emotions and consider yourself an empath. You may feel your body expand when it's a "yes" and contract when it's a "no", have a "gut" response to things, and get chills when you feel resonance. You may feel other people's energy or emotions, and get sick or drained easily. You may get overwhelmed in loud or public places, and need lots of time alone to empty out. You may have been called "too sensitive", "too soft" or "too emotional". You may be a great listener and able to hold space for others. And, you may be a kinaesthetic learner and care a lot about textures, sensations, or feelings.

My body and emotions are a deep source of wisdom for me and this is one my strongest intuitive gifts. A few years ago, I received guidance that I needed to leave law and pursue my spiritual passions, but I was so scared that I tried to ignore it and soldier on. Eventually, that small niggle turned into severe anxiety - a loud, compassionate warning alarm from my intuition - forcing me to pay attention. Ignoring it nearly cost me my health and I made a promise to myself that I would never make that mistake again. 

If this resonates with you, here are some practices to enhance your intuition and clairsentience:

  • Check in with where you feel something in your body. Ask if it has any wisdom for you.
  • Close your eyes and bring to mind different options, observing how your body responds.
  • Place your hands on your heart and speak what your heart feels.
  • Take some quiet space to journal, decompress, and connect with your own feelings.
  • Practise shaking to release tension and stagnant energy.
  • Explore breathwork, mindful movement, restorative yoga, or tapping.

💜 An affirmation for clairsentience: I honour my feelings as divine wisdom flowing through me.


3) Clairaudience = Clear Inner Hearing

With the gift of clairaudience, you may be 
deeply connected to music, sound, or vibrations, and receive messages in this way. You may hear high-pitched sounds or a buzzing in your ears with no medical cause. You may hear whispers from within in your own or another clear voice, or speak to yourself, plants and animals (in a healthy way). You may be a great listener and prefer to listen over talking, or you may hear what you're supposed to say next in conversation with someone. You may need a lot of time alone to quiet your mind. You may hear your name before going to sleep or deep in meditation. You may also be an auditory learner and absorb information through listening.

I don't often receive information in this way, but I sometimes hear song lyrics exactly when I need them which I consider a sign!

If this resonates with you, here are some practices to enhance your intuition and clairaudience:

  • Listen to music when you meditate, such as healing sound bowls or binaural beats.
  • When making decisions, speak different options out loud and see what sounds best.
  • Ask a question in meditation and listen for the answer.
  • Pay attention to songs lyrics, movie scripts, or conversations (as spirit often works through people).
  • Restorative yoga for silence and spaciousness away from the noise of the world. 

🧘🏼‍♀️ An affirmation for clairaudience: I quiet my mind to hear my soul speak.

4) Claircognisance = Clear Inner Knowing

With the gift of claircognisance, you may just have a knowing about things and often can't explain why. You may channel information, receive divine "downloads", and work in bursts of creativity because wisdom is flowing through you. You may receive answers or messages in your mind like the flash of a light bulb. You may be able to make decisions easily and your intuitive hits are always right. You may know the outcome of a situation or what someone is going to do or say. You may have a unique ability to generate ideas, and can pick up skills and master them quickly. You may also enjoy reading and writing, and your language reflects your inner stream of consciousness. You may learn in a variety of ways.

This is my strongest intuitive sense. I'm often hit with an instant knowing that I'm supposed to do something, even if I can't explain it. I've also learned that it's best for me to keep these intuitive hits close to my heart, away from the fearful thoughts of others, which can make me doubt my intuition before I take action on it. 

 If this resonates with you, here are some practices to enhance your intuition and claircognisance:

  • Breathwork, meditation, or restorative yoga to clear space and connect inwards.
  • Close your eyes and ask what your inner knowing is telling you.
  • Speak or write what you're thinking to channel and process your thoughts.
  • Daily journalling, automatic writing, or a practice like morning pages.
  • Get into a flow state through a walk, workout, meditation or conversation.
  • Be present when you're relaxed and not in your thinking mind (like when you're in the shower, a yoga class, or driving). What comes through?

✨An affirmation for claircognisance: I trust my inner knowing.


Tuning In

Which of these do you feel a natural resonance for?

When you're attuned with your unique intuitive gifts, you can trust that they'll guide you towards your highest path and purpose, often in easier and more joyful ways than your mind alone could ever have conceived. And the more you nurture them through your daily practices, the clearer that guidance becomes. 

We can be so distracted by modern life and mental chatter, but our soul is constantly communicating through these subtle whispers, visions, feelings, and knowings, so we have to make a conscious choice to tune in.

Life is SO much better when we listen. 


Go Deeper

Intuition is the guiding light in my coaching practice, as I hold space and ask powerful questions to remind you of the truth: that you already have within you all of the answers you seek. If your soul is calling you to strengthen your intuitive gifts, sign up for Discover Your Soul's Purpose and embark on a transformational 3-month journey to remember why you are here.



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