Hi! I'm Amy Davies

A soul purpose and spiritual life coach dedicated to helping you discover your soul’s purpose so you can use your gifts to light up the world.

Hi! I'm Amy Davies

A soul purpose and spiritual life coach dedicated to helping you discover your soul’s purpose so you can use your gifts to light up the world.


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I always knew I was here for a reason. But I didn't always know what that was. 

When I was little, I felt like it was my personal responsibility to save the world. 

But after spending years at university studying to become a human rights lawyer, I realised that the true way to change the world wasn't by advocating for it, but to inspire that change from the inside-out, instead.

If we could just raise consciousness, people would know exactly what actions to take to create a kinder and more beautiful world for us all.

This brought me to my sacred mission today...

I believe that none of us are here by accident, and the very fact you're reading this means you were put on this planet for a reason.

You too are here to help us rise and have chosen to incarnate at this time of great transition to be part of the shift.

Your gifts, passions and dreams are encoded within you for a reason.

Because within them lies your purpose.

My soul's purpose is to help you live yours.

Discovering our soul's purpose is the most important work we can do, which is why I've dedicated my life it.

In my 1:1 coaching program, Light Work, I share my unique process and framework to help you remember your soul's purpose and take aligned action on it.

Imagine the ripple effect of each person living their purpose. As we answer our unique calling, we inspire others to do the same. It's the ultimate way we can raise the vibration of the planet.

My spiritual journey began with yoga.

Through my teens and early twenties, I struggled with depression, even though there was no explanation for it. Doctors wanted to prescribe medication but I intuitively knew that I needed to uncover the root cause and this guided me to deepen my yoga practice.

It was on the mat that I first learned about dharma (your soul's purpose) and developed a passion for eastern wisdom, spirituality and embodiment.

In my meditations, I saw a different version of myself. She was a free spirit, pure light, limitless, creative, abundant and fully in her feminine power.

I realised that I was depressed because I was out of alignment with my truth.

I wanted to come home to myself, live authentically, and discover what sharing my own beautiful kaleidoscope of expression and purpose could look like.

After healing my own mind and body with yoga, I felt a deep desire to share this practice with the world. So, in 2014, I booked a plane ticket and went to Bali where I became a certified yoga teacher.

There in the jungle, I realised that the obstacles I had to overcome to manifest my vision were part of my soul's unique curriculum to help me embody my purpose.

Even though I felt so much fear about leaving my career, faced the disapproval of my family, and often doubted myself, I knew deep down that if I followed what my soul was calling me to do, I'd not only be safe, but also happy and fulfilled.

I've gone on to teach thousands of people through my classes, videos, workshops and retreats, and I’ve seen how yoga is about so much more than just physical or emotional nourishment... it's a pathway to understanding the soul.

Connecting with this spiritual part of us is the key to understanding our purpose, relationships, business, and essence. Being a global messenger for meditation and yoga is part of my soul mission on this planet, and that's why I weave this ancient wisdom into my spiritual coaching, too.

If you’ve read this far, thank you! I’m so happy that we got to meet in this lifetime.

I started all of this because I really wanted to make meaningful friendships and have deep conversations on all things spiritual... from past lives to chakras to astrology!

Through my blog, coaching, meditations and other experiences, I'm here to create a movement and community of spiritual, creative, and heart-centred souls who are living their purpose, embodying their highest selves and raising the vibration of the planet.

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I'm excited to be on this journey together!

With so much love, from my heart to yours.

Whether we coach or connect on the mat together...

My mission is: to hold space for you to cultivate calm, listen closely to your inner truth and courageously manifest your dreams.

My style is: a soulful blend of slow flow and restorative yoga, meditation, breathwork, spiritual wisdom, coaching, and intention-setting.

My vibe is: intuitive, creative and soft but oh-so-deep.