Hi! I'm Amy Davies

A soul purpose and spiritual life coach, writer, and restorative yoga teacher devoted to helping you
light up the world - without burning out.

Hi! I'm Amy Davies

 A soul purpose and spiritual life coach, writer, and restorative yoga teacher devoted to helping you
light up the world - without burning out.


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I always knew I was on this earth for a reason.

But I didn't always know what that was. 

As a child, I felt like it was my personal responsibility to save the world. 

But after spending most of my young adult life working hard to achieve my dream of becoming a human rights lawyer, I realised that there was something in my heart that hadn’t been expressed.

Part of me felt tethered, deep inside my soul. 

Things began to shift when I started deepening my journey with yoga and integrating embodiment practices into my life.

When I would slow down and go within, I intuitively knew this wasn’t my truth. 

I’d chosen this path because I thought it was the most socially acceptable way for me to shine my light and make a difference.

But I was scared to admit - to myself and my parents - that I craved something more. Something that ignited my soul - instead of burning me out. And it didn’t live at a desk from 9-5.

I could see a different version of myself in my meditations. She was a free spirit, pure light, limitless, creative, abundant and fully in her feminine power. 

That was when I realised I didn’t actually want to save the world.

I wanted to come home to myself, live authentically and discover what sharing my own beautiful kaleidoscope of expression and purpose could look like.

The more I tried to ignore the calls of my soul, the worse my anxiety got. So, I took a deep breath and booked a plane ticket to Bali where I took my first yoga teacher training. I didn’t have all the answers but I followed what lit me up, took a leap, and trusted that the Universe would catch me.

There in the jungle, I started to explore my inner landscape.

It was here I realised that the real way to make a difference wasn’t by telling people what to do, but by raising consciousness, so that we could create a better, more beautiful world - from the inside out.

This brought me to my sacred mission today… to awaken others to the light within them.

You already have within you, everything you need to shine.

If you ever feel like you don’t belong in this world, it’s because you’re here to usher in a new one. You’re part of this new paradigm we’re co-creating, built on a deep connection with your innate wisdom, natural gifts, and highest purpose.

If you ever doubt yourself, trust that your soul chose to incarnate here on earth at this time.

Your superpowers, passions and dreams are encoded within you for a reason….

… Because within them lies your soul’s purpose.

That doesn’t mean it’s going to manifest instantly or easily. The obstacles you must overcome are part of your cosmic curriculum on this planet - to help you truly embody your purpose.

But you don’t have to do it alone…

My soul’s purpose is to help you live yours

None of us are here by accident and I believe the most important thing we can do to raise the vibration of the planet is to fully embrace our true purpose and expression.

I went from being confused, anxious and uncertain about my purpose to crystal clear, aligned and embodied in it.

Now, I'm a Certified Soul Purpose (Dharma) and Spiritual Life Coach, and I created my 1:1 coaching offering, Light Work to support people like you to discover and take aligned action on their purpose - because the world needs it now more than ever.


"Amy, you've been a blessing and I’m so glad that you've been the angel guiding me on my journey towards my soul's purpose. Before working with you, I felt lost, overwhelmed and confused about my life path. I had some big T trauma that was holding me back; the way you could feel my energy each session and provide exactly the right support through meditations, cutting cords and holding space for me has given me so much peace and confidence in moving forward. Thank you for the guidance, support and loving energy, I wouldn’t be where I am today without you."

My spiritual journey started with yoga. 

After healing my own mind and body from depression, I felt a deep desire and responsibility to share this practice.

And now, through teaching thousands of people, I’ve realised that it’s about so much more than physical or emotional nourishment; it’s a journey of deepening our connection with the soul.

That’s why I fell in love with the spacious, otherworldly practice of restorative yoga.

It showed me that we rest so we can rise.

Each time I show up to my mat, I create a sacred space to get still and quiet enough to hear the subtle whispers that guide me on the path to my highest purpose and joy. 

Today, I’m embracing the future I’ve always felt connected to and fully embodying it. 

I want that for you, too.

Whether we coach or connect on the mat together...

My mission is: to hold space for you to cultivate calm, listen closely to your inner truth and courageously manifest your dreams.

My style is: a soulful blend of slow flow and restorative yoga, meditation, breathwork, spiritual wisdom, coaching, astrology, and intention-setting.

My vibe is: intuitive, creative and soft but oh-so-deep.

I'm multidimensional by nature.

I'm a student before a teacher and everything that I share with you, I’ve embodied within myself first. My dharma coaching practice weaves together more than a decade of experience and training in eastern/western modalities like soul purpose and spiritual life coaching, vinyasa and restorative yoga, nervous system regulation, meditation, breathwork, yoga nidra, somatics, human design, ayurveda, intuition, emotional healing and even conscious entrepreneurship, business and marketing.

All that I learn, I pour right back into my coaching, blog, videos, retreats and workshops.


"I love connecting with Amy. Her opening meditations and breathwork are so gentle and soothing yet very powerful in helping you to open up and feel safe. She creates a wonderful space for you to reflect on areas of your life that may be uncomfortable to talk about or feel. During coaching with Amy, I felt supported to be vulnerable with her to face some honest truths, whether that's dropping perfectionism or moving past comparison. Her effortless ability to weave in her personal experiences and teachings of yoga makes her coaching style unique and sets her apart from others in a magical way. Her clients are in for an incredible journey of transformation and growth by working with her!"

And so here we are. If you’ve read this far, thank you! I’m so happy that we got to meet in this lifetime.

Now, let’s stay in touch...

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I’m excited for the journey ahead and it’s my deepest honour to journey alongside you as you step into the next portal of your evolution and rising.

From my 💜 to yours, 

x Amy