Your soul is calling. Can you hear it?
It's time to step into your true purpose...


Light Work

A transformational 1:1 coaching journey for
spiritual, creative and heart-centred souls who
want to use their gifts to change the world.


Your soul is calling. Can you hear it?
It's time to step into your true purpose...


Light Work

A transformational 1:1 coaching experience for mystics on a mission to change the world.


Does any of this sound familiar? You:

  • Believe deep in your soul that you have a higher purpose, but sometimes, that feels more like a burden than a blessing‚Ķ because you don‚Äôt know what it is.

  • Dream of serving the world with your unique gifts, voice and message, but something inside you has kept you stuck and playing small.

  • Feel¬†burnt out and unfulfilled in your current career, and¬†long to do something more creative, nourishing, and inspiring.

  • Are a visionary¬†with so many magical, innovative¬†ideas but seek guidance and direction so you can let go of overwhelm and focus your energy to make a bigger impact.

  • Struggle with bridging the gap between embracing your truth and creating an abundant life you love.

... Then you're in the right place.

The truth is, most people never find their soul's purpose...

At school, we don't get taught how to tune into our inner wisdom or learn about the great mysteries of life. We're told to sit and listen, instead of asking questions that foster our self-discovery.

"Follow your dreams" feels like a pipedream, reserved only¬†for those ūü¶Ą who are destined to become¬†famous footballers or rockstars, while the rest of us are told to get a safe, stable job we despise.

So, it's no wonder that you're:

  • Questioning why your soul came into this world and how to make a meaningful difference.

  • Comparing yourself to others on social media and feeling like you're not enough.

  • Making decisions¬†to try¬†and "keep up" instead of following your own inner guidance.

  • Reading more and more spiritual books, pulling oracle cards and attending workshops searching for answers, yet feeling pulled further away from your¬†truth.

  • Overwhelmed and exhausted because you're trying to force yourself into ways of working that don't feel right for you, instead of honouring your higher vision and heart.

  • Beginning to face the anxiety and regret of not living in alignment with your passions and purpose.

That was my experience, too. I had my first spiritual awakening at 14, but spent years feeling lost, stuck and confused about what my soul's purpose was. Eventually, that lack of alignment showed up as anxiety and depression.

When I graduated from law school, I should've been celebrating, but I felt nothing except sadness and exhaustion. I knew I was here for a reason but this wasn't it. There had to be more. I realised that this dream I'd worked so hard and sacrificed for was no longer a match for my soul. I craved a gentler, softer way.

Seeking answers, I deepened my yoga and meditation practice which led me to Bali where I trained as a yoga teacher, immersed in the nourishing and grounding energy of green rice fields and palm trees. My breath brought me back home to myself and reminded me to soften and surrender to life. It was there in the jungle that I developed my passion for eastern wisdom, spirituality and embodiment.

And that's how I learned about Dharma.

The Ancient Sanskrit word that refers to your soul's purpose - the big reason why you're here.

After healing my own mind and body, I realised that the reason I was given this obstacle to overcome was that it was my work to alchemise it and share it.

That became my why. My purpose. My dharma.

Even though I felt so much fear, faced the disapproval of my family, and often doubted myself, I knew deep down that if I followed this golden thread, I'd not only be safe, but also happy and fulfilled.

While my mind was screaming: "wait - what if this all goes wrong?", there was another voice; soft, quiet, loving, and yet determined, rising from within, inviting me to "imagine... what if it all works out?"

It did - beyond my wildest dreams - and as I shared my story, people started asking me:

"Amy, how do I find my purpose?"

So, I answered that call and became a certified Soul Purpose (Dharma) & Spiritual Life Coach.

When you embrace your sacred gifts, expression and purpose, you'll:

  • Unveil the hidden treasures of your soul and become the embodiment of your Highest Self.

  • Raise the vibration of the planet by using your gifts for good (and inspiring those around you to do the same).

  • Embrace your uniqueness and be seen, heard, and celebrated¬†for who you are¬†- without comparison, jealousy or insecurity about how you measure up against others.

  • Trust your personal path (instead of the one you've been told you "should" follow) and create¬†your dream career and income, whether that's owning a conscious business, having a personal brand and sharing your story,¬†or working at an incredible job which values your natural talents.

  • Take grounded action on the projects¬†and hobbies that channel your creativity, joy and inspiration.

  • Finally share your art, write that book, launch that podcast, speak on stage, or create¬†that movement.

  • Alchemise your obstacles into opportunities for spiritual growth and service.

  • Attract supportive relationships (friends, coaches, parents, partners, clients, communities, the Universe!) that raise you higher.

  • Connect deeply with your own intuition, let it guide your next steps with ease, and notice how much lighter you feel¬†when you're living in alignment with¬†your soul.¬†

  • See your energy soar as you honour your own flow, rhythms, and seasons.

  • Live each day with passion and fulfil your true potential as a lightworker.

That's the journey we'll take together inside

Light Work

Through soul purpose and spiritual life coaching, we'll get to heart of what you most want, why you came here, and how to start living in alignment with your true calling.

Imagine the shift, 30 days from now, when you're crystal clear about where to focus your energy, so you no longer waste time running in circles, or standing still and second-guessing yourself.

This is exactly the support I wish I'd had!

When you sign up, you'll receive:

Weekly 1:1 coaching calls

You and I will spend 90 minutes together each week to allow the depth and spaciousness for your soul's wisdom to reveal itself. This is where you get to relish dedicated time for you and your deeper purpose in a safe and sacred place.

Beautiful resources, worksheets, mantras and journalling prompts

These will be your best friend - like field notes for all the ahas moments on your pioneering path. After our journey ends, you can reference and revisit them forever as you and your purpose continue to evolve. Each one is designed to help you deepen your self-discovery and uncover your core essence.

Holistic tools and rituals

My style is to weave the sacred into the ordinary, with eastern and western practices, including:

Ayurvedic Wisdom, Chakras + Koshas, Yoga, Meditation + Breathwork, Dharma and Spiritual Life Coaching, Human Design, Embodiment, Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energies, Emotional Healing, Nervous System Regulation + more.

 As your personal coach, I'll support you in finding your highest purpose, hold space for you to dream and think big, remind you of your innate gifts, intuition and light, guide you beyond your mind and into your soul, ask powerful questions to take you deeper into your truth, inspire you to activate and embody your fullest expression, and coach you to find more alignment, clarity and spiritual fulfilment.

Week by week, we'll journey through the chakras, using them as a cosmic compass to bring your purpose to life - from receiving the divine download through your Crown, all the way down to birthing it into the world through your Root. Discover the magic that awaits you over the next month...


We'll start by mapping out your highest visions for the future, overcoming the limiting beliefs, fears and stories that hold you back, and find crystal clarity on what living your purpose means to you. Plus, we'll draw on Ayurvedic wisdom to discover your dosha and how it influences your dharma.


Then, we'll create your Soul Purpose Blueprint to uncover your dharma archetypes, your natural expression, what lights you up, the obstacles you've overcome, and your superpowers - so you can feel the pulse of your energetic signature and finally
put your soul's purpose into words.


Now it's time to share your soul gifts with the world! You'll create your Aligned Action Plan, integrating and embodying this wisdom - so you can live your purpose in a way that's fun, authentic, and sustainable, by harmonising the masculine and feminine energies within you.

But hold your crystals!
There's more!

You'll also receive these special bonuses to nourish you on your dharma journey:

Embodiment Practice Collection

Embody your highest self and purpose with this soulful collection of restorative yoga and meditation practices, intentionally chosen to offer a sacred space for you to rest and receive wisdom. These are spiritual treasures you'll want to return to again and again because they raise your vibration, root you, soothe your nervous system, ease your emotions, recharge your light, and wrap your mind and body in love. 

Welcome back home to yourself.

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Just imagine...

  • Waking up with excitement and having the freedom to design your day in a way that honours your energy and supports your highest good.

  • Feeling continuously inspired by your work and changing the world, just by being you.

  • Activating your fullest expression and channelling the creativity that flows through you.

  • Sharing your treasure trove of gifts with confidence and receiving abundantly for them.

  • Never feeling lost, stuck, or confused again because your intuition acts as your inner compass that always leads you in the right direction, guiding you through growth and showing you the next right steps to take.

  • No more depletion or burnout because discovering your dharma has connected you with a limitless source of divine energy.

  • The anxiety, overwhelm, and uncertainty dissolving because you've developed a deep, unshakable trust in why you‚Äôre here.

  • No more self-doubt, dimming your light, or comparing yourself to others because you‚Äôre shining bright; owning and being recognised for your natural talents.

  • Feeling fully supported on your path and attracting beautiful synchronicities, connections and opportunities that help you rise.

  • The joy and fulfilment in knowing that you‚Äôre living in alignment with your¬†greatest potential.

Living your soul's purpose isn't just for your vision board; it's your birthright.

If I hadn’t remembered what I was put on this planet to do, I wouldn’t be here right now sharing with you.

Now imagine what awaits you (and the world) when you step into your soul's purpose, too...

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Consider this your sign.