What Your Human Design Energy Type Tells You About Your Dharma (Soul’s Purpose)

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What Human Design Tells You About Your Dharma (Soul’s Purpose)

Every single one of us is on this earth for a reason. Our souls chose our unique path before we were born. But it isn’t always easy to have faith that we’re heading in the right direction. 

One system that’s really helped me to understand my own dharma (soul’s purpose) in this lifetime is Human Design. 

As a Projector, I’ve always naturally guided others and led with my inner wisdom. If I’d known I was a Projector at the time of discovering my purpose, I would’ve fully trusted that I came here to be a spiritual guide and teacher, and moved forward with confidence, instead of running round in circles or clinging onto my career as a lawyer for so long. 

Now, I fully resonate with my Projector energy and have found it to support me in blossoming in my business, relationships and so much more.

In this post, I’ll define Human Design, the five different energy types, and the dharma (soul’s purpose) of each one. I hope this also helps you find clarity on your true purpose so you can share the magic and medicine you came here to contribute. 


What is Human Design?

Your Human Design is often described as your soul’s blueprint, and it’s a system that combines aspects of astrology, the i-ching, the chakra system and more.

Using your birth date, time and place, you can use Human Design to illuminate your gifts, intuition, and ideal ways of being and living. 

I believe the Universe designed each of us exactly as we need to be - not just to reach our own dreams, but so that we can collectively create more beauty, joy and harmony in the world. That’s what I mean when I say you’re here for a reason. With the unique gifts and essence you embody, you already have within you, everything you need to fulfil your specific role on the planet. 


The 5 Human Design Energy Types

The first place to start when you’re learning about your Human Design is your energy type,  which is sort of like your sun sign in astrology.

There are five energy types: Generators, Manifesting Generators, Manifestors, Projectors and Reflectors.

Your energy type shows you how you’re designed to interact, influence and exchange energy with the world around you; whether that’s with people, your purpose, or the things that life puts on your path.

When we’re using our energy the way we’re meant to, we experience more flow, success, ease and synchronicities everywhere. But when we’re not, life throws us roadblocks like burnout, anxiety, overwhelm, lack of opportunity, and generally feeling uninspired. These signs are the Universe’s way of getting us to pivot and realign with who we really are.

If you don’t know your energy type yet, you can access your chart for free by using one of my favourite resources here

As with any archetypal system, Human Design supports you in getting to know yourself more deeply. This is simply another way to understand your dharma (soul’s purpose), so I invite you to take the parts that serve and empower you, and leave the rest.


Manifestor: The Trailblazer

Manifestors make up about 9% of the population. They’re the
sacred pioneers, changemakers and trailblazers of the world, here to create, initiate and express their truth. Bold, courageous and wild, they drive the collective forward and deeply impact those around them by forging new paths and territories. As channels for divine inspiration, they often feel an unstoppable urge to take action. Their big energy works in intense bursts followed by periods of rest to recharge. 

Their dharma (soul’s purpose) is to
break the norm and pave a new path


Generator: The Life Force

Generators make up about 35% of the population. When they’re excited, their energy is sparkly and magnetic, attracting what serves their highest purpose. Life is meant to come to them so that they can respond to it. They’re the
sacred doers and builders of the world, here to create consistent and sustainable life force energy for us all, but they might find that they struggle with burnout and frustration if they’re not following what lights them up. Leaning into joy is key to them finding satisfaction and fulfilling their purpose. 

Their dharma (soul’s purpose) is to follow their bliss and light up the world with it. 


Manifesting Generator: The Multi-Passionate

Manifesting Generators make up about 35% of the population. They’re the
multi-passionate souls of the world, here to do more than one thing in this lifetime, highlighting the power of potential. They have a similar ability to manifest quickly like Manifestors, and also possess the consistent energy of Generators. They thrive when they’re doing what they love and in their unique creative flow. 

Their dharma (soul’s purpose) is to create and bring their many passions to life.


Projector: The Visionary

Projectors make up about 20% of the population. They’re the
sacred seers and visionaries of the world, here to see, know and guide others towards a new or better way. Like an owl perched high in a tree, Projectors can clearly see how things can be improved and made more efficient. They feel deeply recognised when others invite them to share their wisdom, but without that, their energy is depleted. That’s why their soul’s work looks different. They’re here to honour the ebbs and flows of their energy. Rest is their ally and leads them to success, reminding us all that being is just as important as doing.

Their dharma (soul’s purpose) is to be the guide, leader and oracle of the new paradigm. 


Reflector: The Shape Shifter

Reflectors are rare creatures, making up about 1% of the population. They’re the
sacred mirrors and shape shifters of the world, reflecting back the energies of their inner circle and environment. Highly intuitive, empathetic, and deeply connected to the moon when making decisions, they’re living energetic gauges with the ability to sense what’s in alignment and what’s not. Since they easily take in others’ energy, it’s also important for them to tend to their own needs and heart.

Their dharma (soul’s purpose) is to serve as a powerful mirror for others. 


The Dharma (Soul’s Purpose) of Each Energy Type

Like any system, there are layers and nuances to Human Design. While your energy type is the simplest aspect, mastering this will have the most profound and life-altering impact on you, as well as everyone around you. 

Looking at your purpose through this lens gives you a clear starting point on your journey, helping you embrace your true calling and trust the path you’re on - even if you don’t yet know the exact steps you’ll take to get there.

And while your dharma (soul’s purpose) may be the same as other Projectors or Manifestors, the way that it manifests will be different, as it’s a unique expression of your soul gifts and essence, and no Human Design chart (with its defined and undefined centres, channels, gates etc.) is exactly the same.


What’s next?

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