71. The Magic of Rest

Rest is when our body naturally heals itself, from the inside out. But if we can’t rest, we not only feel ill, but we also feel blocked. Our aura is weakened, which diminishes our presence and our power. So, how can we honour this need for rest in a world that always wants us to do more? In this episode, I talk about seven types of rest and share the powerful practice of Yoga Nidra, or "yogic sleep". It's in this subtle state, hovering somewhere between wakefulness and dreaming, that we awaken to the magic of peace, crystal clarity and our light within. If you're feeling stressed or exhausted, the guided practice will support you greatly, too. I invite you to make this even more nourishing with props (such as a yoga bolster, pillow, or just a couple of blankets) to hold you as we rest here together.


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