77. How To Shine Brightly Without Burning Out

Feeling burnt out? This episode will help you light up the world again. I share a simple three-step plan to support you in your recovery (which goes beyond sleep and self-care,) and show you how to make it your own. Listen in to learn: 

  • What burnout is - what it looks and feels like, including early warning signs.
  • The spectrum of stress and its impact on the nervous system.
  • Mind-body-soul strategies to support you on your healing journey.
  • Why getting a good night's sleep or taking a bubble bath isn't enough to bounce back.
  • How to shift out of a negative mindset, find joy and fill yourself up again.
  • Whether you can avoid burnout when you're answering your calling. 
  • The best yoga practices for burnout, and more.


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